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009: How Treating Everyone Like They Matter Can Change Both Your Business and Life

In today’s episode I want to encourage you to treat everyone you come across like they matter.

Now that may seem like an obvious statement, but I want you to ask yourself how many times do you not do that? I can’t tell you how many times I go into 7/11, the gas station, or the grocery store and many times it’s almost as if I see the patrons treating those that are serving them as if they’re not people. Now I’m not saying that they necessarily treat them mean, what I mean is that it’s almost like they look right through them sometimes. And for me it’s always a little bit disheartening because you never know how, one, you may impact somebody’s life, and two, how they may impact yours.

Let me give you a little example. There’s a gas station that I always go to that’s not far from where I live. And everyday the same girl is always working. She always has a great attitude, she’s always smiling, she always says hi and she always makes my day better. And I see so many times where people come in the store and it’s almost like they look through her instead of actually acknowledging her presence, instead of actually making eye contact and giving her just a simple smile that says “hey I see you” or just being polite and nice, it’s like they look right through, like “here take my money, so I can get back to my day”. And for me, when I go in there, I always try to be as intentional as possible about making eye contact and smiling and asking her how her day’s going. To actually tell her how she makes my day better and how appreciative I am of that. Really what it boils down, is I just love being encouraging to others because in reality, encouraging others makes me feel encouraged. Being an encouragement to others. Lifting up others. For me, thats my goal. Whether it’s in my business or my personal life.

My goal isn’t to sell people, to push people, or to simply network with people for personal gain, those are all just byproducts of the one core thing that is truly in my heart to do, which is to serve people and encourage people. To lift people up. I just happen to do that through my business and expertise in digital marketing.

So jumping back into my story. A couple of weeks ago I go into the store and chatting with this girl and asking her how her day is going and you know just being a person who’s actually interested in what she has going on. And it was funny because she asked me “What do you do? Because I see you in here at different times of the day, all the time.” And that’s when I told her “I recently, started my own digital marketing agency. I help Entrepreneurs and business owners build their brand, grow their business, and achieve their goals through digital marketing. So I get to work with some pretty awesome clients and entrepreneurs.” And literally, I kid you not, the next day that I go in there. I’m sitting there briefly chatting with her and she says “Hey, my husband is the marketing coordinator for a physical therapy business around here and they’re actually looking to rebuild their website.” And I was like “Oh, really?”

So her and I chatted for a few minutes, and that’s when she told me that she told her husband all about the super nice guy that comes in every day, who lives locally, and who not to long ago started his own Digital Marketing Agency. And so through this awesome lady, I was able to connect with her husband, setup a consultation meeting with him and business he works for, and ultimately I now have another prospective client and all because I was “the nice guy, who actually cared”. Now once I meet with her husband, I’m hopefully going to be able bring his company onboard as an awesome client, where I’ll build an incredible new website for them and add another client to my portfolio.

Now guys, to be clear, the whole point of this story isn’t about me getting a new client. The whole point of this story is to illustrate what can happen when you treat everybody like they matter. Because you never know how one interaction with one person, who in the moment you may not think is going to be someone that brings you business or helps you out, could actually be the very person that helps you turn things around not only for your business but maybe even for your life.

So treat everyone like they matter because regardless of whether the lady at your gas station helps you with your business or not, the one thing I can guarantee is that her and everyone else you come in contact with throughout your day, actually does matter. We all matter and when you begin to treat everyone as though they matter, not only will your businesses grow but you’re life will just start to generally improve because as you engage with and encourage and lift up others, in doing so you encourage and lift up yourself.

So guys, as you go through your day today, in every interaction that you have with people, I just want to encourage you to acknowledge their presence and encourage them when you get the opportunity. Be intentional about the way you treat other people. And regardless of whether you get business from them or anything else from a monetary standpoint, in my experience, treating other people with respect. dignity. and an attitude that implies they actually matter, not only encourages and lifts them up but it will also encourage and lifts you up.

I hope that inspires you, even if just a little bit, to got out and start changing the world around you today through the interactions you have with people each and every day. I’m look forward to catching you in the next episode, so until then, I hope you have a fantastic rest of the day or evening, whichever is applicable to you 🙂

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Corey Shelton

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